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These contributions cover (a) explainers and issue-based analyses of dominant and emergent AI governance models, tools, instruments, and frameworks, and (b) novel perspectives on AI governance issues and technical and policy recommendations for public and private adoption of responsible AI.

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Why AI applications get stalled in the public sector

by Thomas Balbach, Senior Business Analyst, Public Sector, Sopra Steria, and Master of Science in Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance Candidate at KU Leuven, WWU Münster and TalTech.This article is published as part of a joint blog series on AI in Government by AI Policy Exchange and N3GZ Young Professionals Network on Digital Government, the…

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9 ways to put AI ethics into practice

This document is a curated collection of actionable propositions on building and deploying ethical AI, contributed by our affiliate network under the AI Policy Exchange Expert Vlogging Series: How to put AI ethics into practice?, for public appraisal.Edited by Raj Shekhar and Antara Vats Foreword With societal risks from unethical AI becoming more apparent, there…

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Digitalization and market power

by Thieß Petersen, Senior Advisor, Global Economic Dynamics Project, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany and Lecturer, European University Viadrina The use of digital technologies increases market transparency for consumers and enlarges the relevant market. This strengthens their negotiating position vis-à-vis companies. However, there exists also the risk that large technology companies will develop into global monopolies that…

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Artificial intelligence and the future of global governance

by Jean Garcia Periche, Co-founder and Chief Government Officer, GENIA Latinoamérica; Founder, Global Neo; Fellow, Singularity University, Silicon Valley The biggest lesson we can learn from the current crisis is that our international system is ill-equipped to deal with a global emergency. This pandemic forced us to acknowledge the structural limitations of the multilateral system. Moreover,…

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The five AI myths to be aware of

by Anand Tamboli, tech futurist and award-winning author of “Keeping Your AI Under Control: A Pragmatic Guide to Identifying, Evaluating, and Quantifying Risks” (Apress) Technology is often over-hyped but underestimated. Artificial Intelligence couldn’t have been any different from it. There are several stories, which don’t give you the full picture. And then there are many…

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Your brain on algorithms

by Andrew Sears, Founder, Technovirtuism and Advisor, All Tech is Human A quote attributed to the linguist Benjamin Lee Whorf claims that “language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about.” Whorf, along with his mentor Edward Sapir, argued that a language’s structure influences its speakers’ perception and categorization of experience.…

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Is no privacy the best AI privacy policy?

by James Brusseau, Director, Data Ethics Site, Pace University, New York “You have zero privacy anyway,” Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems scolded a concerned journalist in 1999, “Get over it.” He was wrong then. And if he said it again today, he would still be wrong. Tomorrow, though, is not so clear. Most AI…

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Why you should be at the center of machine learning policies, ethics & responsible development

by Felipe Castro Quiles, Co-founder and CEO, Emerging Rule and GENIA Latinoamérica By now, most humans have been impacted by artificial intelligence. Elshawi, Maher, and Sakr (2019) say, “Due to the increasing success of machine learning techniques in several application domains, they have been attracting a lot of attention from the research and business communities.”…

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An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics and AI

by Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director, Privacy at Deloitte and Co-founder of Women Leading in AI The COVID-19 pandemic is the largest health crisis to have happened in a new technological and data driven era – one which can still amaze us with news of wonderful creations we can get our hands on today or that are…

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The Luddite fallacy: Is it time to reconsider it?

by Vihang Jumle, Project Officer, TRAFFIC India, World Wildlife Fund 20 December, 1922 marked an important transition in the history of employment. As the winter mist settled on the dawn-lit streets of Brooklyn Heights in New York, the city and its many residents stood wide awake to witness the dramatic and historic end of natural…

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What does Transparent AI mean?

by Fenna Woudstra, affiliated with Filosofie in actie (an organization based in Arnhem, the Netherlands advising technology companies and projects on the ethical use of data) Over the last couple of years many companies, institutions, governments, and ethicists have proposed their own principles for the development of Artificial Intelligence (or AI) in an ethical way.…

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A data-driven solution to build cycle paths — Making urban mobility efficient and sustainable

In this article, Vittoria Pauri, Giulio Consiglio, and Michele Nasini from Bocconi University, Italy explain how the use of big data can help make our urban mobility planning efficient and paradigms environmentally sustainable. The global demographic trends show that every year more and more people live in urban areas. Hence, urban mobility has been a…

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How the COVID-19 pandemic will boost digitalization

Article By Thieß Petersen, Senior Advisor, Global Economic Dynamics Project, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany and Lecturer, European University Viadrina The corona crisis has the world in its grip. The extent of the social upheavals and the long-term consequences of this pandemic are not yet foreseeable. However, there is some evidence that it will further accelerate the…

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Decrypting Automated Facial Recognition Systems (AFRS) and Delineating Related Privacy Concerns

Arindrajit Basu of the Centre for Internet & Society (Bangalore) and Siddharth Sonkar of the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (Kolkata) have co-written this blog as part of their three-part blog series on AI Policy Exchange under the parent title — Is there a reasonable expectation of privacy from data aggregation by automated…

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Creating Social Impact With AI

by Ashish Srivastava, Sector Head, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Lab, Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy, Bengaluru Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformational technology with the potential to arrive at solutions to the most complex problems. The use of AI in sectors such as genetic modelling and drug discovery have been reported to…

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Tackling Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) — through regulation, not bans

by Setu Bandh Upadhyay, Research Fellow, The Dialogue, New Delhi Every time a video of Boston Dynamics comes out, the Internet reacts in two ways: amazed at the achievements of humanity, and simultaneously, scared of the possibility of future robot overlords. Boston Dynamics is a highly advanced American robotics company that has produced absolutely spellbinding…

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How AI and Big Data could increase the international division of labour in the future — and partial interests might prevent this

by Thieß Petersen, Senior Advisor, Global Economic Dynamics Project, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany and Lecturer, European University Viadrina Artificial intelligence (AI), big data and other digital technologies have the potential to reduce the costs of the international division of labour in the future. The resulting merging of markets would improve the supply of goods and services…

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Lightning Talks

Pilot series (June-Oct ’20): How to put AI ethics into practice?
Felipe Castro Quiles, CEO, GENIA Latinoamérica | CEO, Emerging Rule | Member, Forbes AI Executive Advisory Board
Merve Hickok, Founder, | Chair & Research Director, Center for AI and Digital Policy | Data Ethics Lecturer, University of Michigan
Renée Cummings, Professor of Practice in Data Science, University of Virginia | East Coast Regional Leader, Women in AI Ethics™
Chhavi Chauhan, Ethics Advisor for The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare | Member, Women in AI Ethics™
Diogo Duarte, Founder, Advance Privacy | Data Protection Officer, The European Society for Immunodeficiencies
Ana Chubinidze, Founder & CEO, Adalan AI | Founder and Director, AI Governance International | Founding Editor, AI and Ethics Journal, Springer Nature
Abhishek Gupta et al., Montreal AI Ethics Institute
Anand Tamboli, Author, Keeping Your AI Under Control, Apress
James Brusseau, Director, AI Ethics Site Research Institute, Pace University, New York
Stephen Scott Watson, Co-founder & Director, Watson Hepple Consulting | Reviewer, AI and Ethics Journal, Springer Nature
Ivana Bartoletti, Global Chief Privacy Officer, Wipro | Visiting Policy Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute | Founder, Women Leading in AI Network
Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA | Founder, Creative Resolution
Nigel Willson, Founding Partner, awakenAI | Co-founder, WeandAI | Chief Advisory Board Member, MarkTechPost
Tony Rhem, CEO & Principal Consultant, AJ Rhem & Associates | Ambassador, AI Time Journal | Founding Editor, AI and Ethics Journal, Springer Nature
Tom Moule, Product Lead, AI, Jisc | Former Executive Lead, AI in Ethical Education, University of Birmingham
Tannya Jajal, Technology, UAE Chapter Lead for the Global Women in Tech Movement | Contributor, Forbes Middle East
Angela Kim, Director Data Analytics & AI, Deloitte, Sydney, Australia
Charlie Craine, Senior Digital Experience Manager, Amazon Web Services | Former Chief Technology and Data Officer, Meister Media Worldwide
Deepak Paramanand, Director of AI, JPMorgan Chase & Co. | Advisor, WeandAI
Oriana Medlicott, Senior Researcher, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Fujitsu | Advisor, The AI Ethics Journal (AIEJ), The AI Robotics Ethics Society

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