Our work is spread across four projects: actionable guidance, use-case tracker, expert insights, and AI + You (introductory module on AI governance), each supported with contributions from our affiliate and citizen 4.0 networks, board of advisors, and a host of other external collaborators and partners.

Actionable Guidance

Our actionable guidance project will be aimed at generating actionable pathways for responsible AI adoption for regulators, administrators and business leaders globally. The project will be guided by our actionable guidance agenda detailing our priorities, focus areas, methods, and community and external stakeholder engagement modalities for rigorous problem analysis, and considerations for effective guidance communication.

The agenda is being prepared by our leadership and will be finalised with inputs from our affiliate and citizen 4.0 networks and other external stakeholders. The project will seek to foster responsible AI adoption in the public and private sectors.

Use-Case Tracker

Our use-case tracker project will be aimed at creating accessible, analytical, succinct, and up-to-date accounts of dominant AI-enabled use-cases across critical sectors, including reported benefits and harms arising from them, and current and emergent public and private governance frameworks for their responsible development and deployment. The project will seek to build general stakeholder literacy and awareness on AI adoption and governance practices.

Expert Insights

Our expert insights project is aimed at publishing analytical commentaries and lightning talks by technology and policy professionals and experts at the intersections of AI, ethics, and regulation. The project seeks to build stakeholder literacy and facilitate debate and discussion on AI governance issues, and guide public and private adoption of responsible AI.

Access published insights from members of our affiliate network and external contributors here.

You + AI

We’re also developing an introductory module on AI governance—You + AI—for the uninitiated stakeholders to get to grips with the AI governance lexicon, issues, actors, and instruments, with a view to enabling them to effectively engage with policy debates and discussions concerning responsible AI adoption. The module will be quarterly reviewed and updated to account for domain developments.