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Our work aligns with our core mission of creating an AI-literate society and guiding responsible and inclusive AI adoption.

Expert Insights


Our expert insights project is aimed at publishing analytical commentaries and lightning talks by technology and policy professionals and domain experts at the intersections of AI, ethics, and public policy.

Explore published insights here.

Use-Case Tracker


Our use-case tracker project will be aimed at creating comprehensive, accessible, and up-to-date accounts of dominant AI use-cases across critical sectors.

These accounts of use-cases will include details about their mechanics, context and scale of their deployment (or state of adoption), reported and anticipated benefits and harms arising from their development and use, and current and emergent public and private governance frameworks guiding their adoption.

AI Policy 101


Our AI Policy 101 project will aim to serve as an introductory module on AI governance for uninitiated stakeholders to get to grips with AI governance lexicon, issues, actors, and instruments. The module will be reviewed and updated periodically to account for domain developments.

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