AI Policy Exchange is an entirely volunteer-run community. Our people are diverse, high-calibre individuals who have committed to contributing to AI Policy Exchange’s mission and work, on a part-time, pro-bono basis.

Steering Committee

Our steering committee is responsible for (a) leading and managing the implementation of AI Policy Exchange’s existing and future projects, (b) strategising for new growth opportunities, (c) forging and maintaining strategic partnerships with individual and institutional collaborators to meet AI Policy Exchange’s project and growth requirements, and (d) organising periodic meetings with affiliates and events to discuss and address the most pressing concerns in the responsible AI domain.

The profiles of the members of our steering committee will be uploaded here shortly.

Affiliate Network

Our affiliate network comprises a diverse range of technology and policy professionals from all around the world, representing a variety of public and private organisations and institutions. Members of our affiliate network advise and support the mission and work of AI Policy Exchange, participate in periodic meetings and events hosted by the steering committee to discuss and address the most pressing concerns in the responsible AI domain, and participate in peer-to-peer learning by keeping their colleagues in the network posted on their latest work.

See our current affiliates here.

Advisory Council

We are currently recruiting members to our advisory council who would comprise seasoned leaders from technology, business, public policy, and academia. The Board will carry the prerogative of providing strategic guidance for course correction in project scoping, implementation and diversification, and community management and expansion.