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Let's decide the future of AI, together.

We’re committed to fostering inclusion and responsibility in public and private adoption of AI technologies.

Our Mission

AI innovation and adoption are accelerating across multiple critical sectors, including healthcare, finance, mobility, agriculture, and more. This holds both great promise and peril for the future of humanity. It is incumbent on all stakeholders to help humanity navigate an AI-enabled future that would be prosperous, equitable, and sustainable for all. For this to happen, we believe, multistakeholder collaboration is critical.

We are committed to building stakeholder literacy and engagement on AI governance issues and generating multistakeholder-informed guidance for public policy decision makers and business leaders to foster responsible AI adoption globally.

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Our (Short) History

AI Policy Exchange was founded in the winter of 2019, as conversations around the benefits and harms from AI adoption started gaining ground in India and other Global South regions. Its founders were two graduate students at the Institute of Public Policy, National Law School of India University, Bengaluru: Raj Shekhar and Antara Vats. Raj and Antara intended to run AI Policy Exchange as an online platform that would publish the most pressing discourses on AI policy and governance.

The goal was to publish these discourses in the form of simple, insightful blogs in jargon-free language to allow for wider public scrutiny of topical AI governance issues, thereby fostering greater inclusion in AI policy-making. In just a few months, the platform gained widespread recognition from several leading technology and policy circles, built an impressive base of global readership, and mobilised a thriving network of dedicated contributors from across multiple continents.

The platform’s reach and reputation had peaked by the end of 2020. Yet, amidst the ascending COVID-19 crises and associated global decline in social sector funding, the founders were most unfortunately constrained to pause their entrepreneurial stint.

Fast forward to 2023, AI Policy Exchange is on track to revive its mission, empowered with forces to build and manage a global multi-stakeholder community that would pursue the mission of guiding responsible adoption of AI for the benefit of humanity.

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AI Policy Exchange is a non-profit registered under section 8 of Indian Companies Act, 2013.

We are headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Founded in 2019 by Raj Shekhar and Antara Vats