Founder’s Note

Dear Reader,

A brief history of AI Policy Exchange and its exciting new beginnings

AI Policy Exchange was originally envisioned as a global online platform for publishing the most pressing discourses on AI policy and governance in the form of simple, insightful blogs accessible for the general public. We launched it as we found the dichotomy between the esoteric nature of public policy discourses around the adoption and use of artificially intelligent technologies and the highly anticipated pervasive impact of these technologies on society as deeply unsettling. Our original mission statement here and my Editor’s Note here describe our initial motivations to launch this platform.

In less than a year since its inception, AI Policy Exchange has established itself as a knowledge communication channel focusing on topical issues around AI policy and governance with increasing visibility and goodwill amongst public policy circles, and most importantly, everyday citizens, in India and globally. Besides, over 30 global experts (and counting) representing the most diverse backgrounds in AI policy research & practice have joined the AI Policy Exchange Editorial Network as Technical / Policy Experts to contribute to our original mission of informing everyday citizens about how the burgeoning AI industry is going to impact their lives.

AI Policy Exchange is now set to expand its mission by commencing efforts towards instituting the AI Policy Exchange Research Network that would provide evidence-based public policy solutions to the most pressing and cutting-edge governance challenges relating to the safe and ethical adoption and use of artificially intelligent technologies by governments, businesses, and citizens, in India and globally. This Research Network shall function independently and on a non-profit basis with all its activities anchored by the AI Policy Exchange Secretariat, based out of New Delhi, India.

I am excited to extend an open invitation to individuals as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions working at the intersection of AI and public policy in India and globally to join and support our mission by becoming a part of our Editorial and Research Networks. If you wish to join our Editorial Network as a Technical / Policy Expert and contribute to our editorial work and in-house projects & publications, please visit this link. If you wish to join our Research Network as a Partner or an Advisor and engage in research collaborations & related activities on AI policy and governance, please visit this link.

With your generous support and cooperation, AI Policy Exchange would be able to not only vigorously continue its original mission of raising citizens’ awareness about AI and AI-related public policies, but also lend a formidable beginning to its expanded mission of proposing and pushing for better AI policies for the greatest public good.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Let’s decide the future of AI, together.

Yours Truly,

Raj Shekhar,

Founder and Executive Director
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