Editor’s Note

Dear Fellow Citizens of the World,

Pardon my slightly reductionist tone, but truth be told, we have entered the fourth industrial era. You must have come across buzzwords like — “AI”  or “artificial intelligence” — in newspapers and your social media. These technologies are designed to think and act like humans and anticipated to redefine the human civilization from the ground up.

So, the question is — Are we as a society ready to welcome this change? It’s not a simple question with a yes or no answer. Artificially intelligent technologies are posing unprecedented public policy challenges as “wicked” problems to national governments and industry leaders all across the globe. 

There is rising fear of robots taking our jobs and replacing most occupations by making human labour redundant. There are growing concerns for the increase in the economic gap between the labour-intensive developing economies that cannot afford to deploy AI and the capital-intensive developed economies that can. There are social apprehensions that AI like general purpose electricity might not be available to all in the absence of government support. There are a host of ethical concerns linked with the safe and responsible development, deployment, and use of artificially intelligent technologies — so that human agency, freedom and privacy are not compromised and AI-induced mishaps are avoided. There are calls for banning the development and deployment of lethal autonomous weapon systems to avoid the catastrophic effects of the third warfare revolution. And lastly, there are gravely unsettling speculations around when and how would artificial super intelligence take over the world precipitating the redundancy of the human species.

So, what do we do? Well, why are we not talking? In my opinion, open, democratic, global discourse on all these issues and many more related to the adoption and use of AI should constitute the immediate course of action. This can be humanity’s first step to making a transition into the brave new world of AI so that we save ourselves from making rookie mistakes.

In that spirit, we have created AI Policy Exchange. We aspire to make it a one-stop platform for publishing and reading the most pressing discourses on AI policy and governance. 

Moreover, as we understand, most policy discourses on AI today tend to become too esoteric for ordinary citizens to grasp at the expense of their moral right to know how the burgeoning AI industry is going to impact their lives. So, we publish all our discourses in the form of simple, insightful blogs by keeping them as jargon-free as possible.

I invite you to visit AI Policy Exchange, learn from what others have to say, and contribute to our discourses so that we can learn from you.

I would love to hear from you. Let’s decide the future of AI, together.

Yours Truly,

Raj Shekhar,

Founder and Managing Editor
AI Policy Exchange
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