Artificial intelligence and the future of global governance

Article by Jean Garcia Periche, Co-founder and Chief Government Officer, GENIA Latinoamérica; Founder, Global Neo; Fellow, Singularity University, Silicon Valley The biggest lesson we can learn from the current crisis is that our international system is ill-equipped to deal with a global emergency. This pandemic forced us to acknowledge the structural limitations of the multilateral system. [...]

Tackling Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) — through regulation, not bans

Article by Setu Bandh Upadhyay, Research Fellow, The Dialogue, New Delhi Every time a video of Boston Dynamics comes out, the Internet reacts in two ways: amazed at the achievements of humanity, and simultaneously, scared of the possibility of future robot overlords. Boston Dynamics is a highly advanced American robotics company that has produced absolutely [...]