Why AI Policy Exchange?

Technology isn't something that's new to us. From discovering fire to building computers, the human race has pushed several technological boundaries. Yet, there's something that's pushing the boundaries of human ingenuity even further. It's called artificial intelligence, or AI. Simply put, AI is any machine learning technology that mimics cognitive capabilities associated with the human [...]

Who Are We?

Raj Shekhar, Founder & Executive Director Raj Shekhar is the Founder and Executive Director at AI Policy Exchange. As an Affiliated Scholar at CITRIS Policy Lab, University of California, Berkeley, Raj is collaborating with Dr. Brandie Nonnecke (Founding Director) on research related to the governance of AI. As Consultant (Data, AI) at International Innovation Corps [...]

Write for AI Policy Exchange

AI policy and governance is posing many hard and pertinent questions to AI developers, policy researchers, lawyers, economists, sociologists, psychologists, ethicists, and many others, including all the tech conscious Samaritans of the world, who wish to put their points of view on the policy agenda that will govern AI in the future. AI Policy Exchange [...]