Our Mission

AI innovation and adoption are pacing across multiple sectors. This holds both great promise and peril for the future of humanity. It is incumbent on all stakeholders to help humanity navigate an AI-enabled existence responsibly for a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable future. For this to happen, we believe, multistakeholder collaboration is critical.

We’re on the fast track to becoming a global multi-stakeholder community born on the cusp of the fourth industrial era, united by a common mission: to guide the responsible adoption of AI for the benefit of humanity. The community seeks to achieve its mission through concerted efforts aimed at building stakeholder literacy and engagement on emergent AI governance issues and generating multistakeholder-informed guidance on responsible AI adoption for regulators, administrators, and business leaders globally.

The community and its efforts are led and managed out of New Delhi, India, by Raj Shekhar and Antara Vats, with the support and guidance from its affiliate and citizen 4.0 networks, and project-based paid and voluntary staff.

Our History

AI Policy Exchange was founded in the winter of 2019, as conversations concerning the unprecedented beneficial and harmful impacts of AI were gaining momentum in India and other Global South regions. Its founders were two graduate students at the Institute of Public Policy, National Law School of India University, Bengaluru: Raj Shekhar and Antara Vats, who intended to run it as an online platform to publish the most pressing discourses on AI policy and governance, and thereby, help inform better, more inclusive AI policies. In just a few months, the platform gained widespread recognition from several leading technology and policy circles, built an impressive base of global readership and mobilised a thriving network of dedicated contributors.

The platform’s reach and reputation had peaked by the end of 2020. It was around this time that its founders reckoned it to be a worthwhile pursuit to go beyond publishing discourses and address the emerging challenges around ensuring public trust and safety in AI adoption head on. Yet, amidst the ascending COVID-19 crises and associated global decline in social sector funding, the founders were most unfortunately constrained to pause their entrepreneurial stint: even as discourse publication did sparingly continue for some time.

Fast forward to 2022, AI Policy Exchange is ready to rise again and the founders are more prepared and committed than ever to build and manage a global multi-stakeholder community that would pursue the mission of guiding public and private adoption of AI for the benefit of humanity.

Our People

Raj Shekhar is the Executive Director and is responsible for supervising and managing AI Policy Exchange’s existing projects and identifying new growth opportunities, and Antara Vats is the Executive Lead, Strategy & Partnerships and is responsible for forging and maintaining strategic partnerships with individual and institutional collaborators to meet AI Policy Exchange’s project and growth requirements.

Our affiliate network comprises a diverse range of technology and policy professionals from all around the world, from organisations and institutions, including […] Members of our affiliate network advise and support the mission and work of AI Policy Exchange, participate in periodic meetings and events hosted by its leadership to discuss and address the most pressing concerns in the responsible AI domain, and participate in peer-to-peer learning by keeping their colleagues in the network posted on their latest work.

Membership to our affiliate network is offered both by invitation and via acceptance of membership requests from professionals with a proven track record of developing useful knowledge, tools, and guidance for responsible AI adoption in a public or non-governmental enterprise. To become a member, please fill in this application form; if your membership request is accepted, you will hear back from us within 15 days. In all cases of membership requests, the decision of the Executive Director shall be final.

To create a strong feedback loop for our work and expand our surface for potential beneficial impact, we run all our project outputs by our citizen 4.0 network, a thriving network of concerned stakeholders who we host on our Telegram group and who represent: regulators and public policy decision-makers, public and private enterprises, technology workers, users of AI-based products and services, AI policy think tanks and advocacy groups, the press, and the general public. Telegram group name: Citizen 4.0 @ AI Policy Exchange.

We also receive strategic guidance from our board of advisors in the form of proposals for  course correction in project scoping and implementation and community management practices, and  project diversification and community expansion. The board comprises seasoned leaders from the technology industry, development sector, civil society, and academia.

All people at AI Policy Exchange contribute to its mission and work, on a part-time, pro-bono basis.


AI Policy Exchange