About AI Policy Exchange

AI Policy Exchange is an international cooperative association of individuals and institutions working at the intersection of AI and public policy.

The association operates independently and on a non-profit basis with its day-to-day affairs managed by the AI Policy Exchange Secretariat, based out of New Delhi, India anchoring its Editorial and Research Networks to produce deliverables that can create an AI-literate society and inform better AI policies.

Our Values

AI Policy Exchange believes good AI policies could only be a culmination of consensus between governments, businesses, and citizens on values motivating safe and ethical adoption and use of artificially intelligent technologies, secured through policy discourses and negotiations that are conducted with all fairness by prioritizing diversity and inclusivity.

Our Vision

AI Policy Exchange shall facilitate and promote safe and ethical adoption and use of artificially intelligent technologies by governments, businesses, and citizens by anchoring a cooperative global network of AI professionals, researchers, and policymakers to collaboratively engage in addressing the most pressing and cutting-edge AI policy and governance challenges.

Our Mission

(1) To create an AI-literate society

(a) Conduct, curate, publish and disseminate high-impact public policy discourses on issues surfacing in the contemporary governance of artificially intelligent technologies; and 

(b) Increase citizens’ awareness of the ongoing research on artificially intelligent technologies and public policies related to the adoption and use of these technologies, both existing and ones that are formulated and proposed for adoption by various governmental agencies, and various non-state actors, including national, regional and international organizations, institutions, and conglomerates, from time to time.

(2) To inform better AI policies

(a) Engage in rigorous, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary public policy research to address the most pressing and cutting-edge governance challenges around the adoption and use of artificially intelligent technologies; and 

(b) Curate and render evidence-based policy advice through policy briefs, memos, etcetera for governmental and non-governmental bodies engaged in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing AI policies.