Expert Vlogging Series 1.0: How to put AI ethics into practice? | Anthony Rhem, CEO & Principal Consultant, A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc.

This is the AI Policy Exchange Expert Vlogging Series featuring vlogs from our technical/policy experts addressing some of the hardest questions confronting the governance of artificially intelligent technologies.

In each AI Policy Exchange Expert Vlogging Series, we ask all our technical/policy experts a common question. Experts respond to the question through short, illuminating vlogs sent to us. We then upload these vlogs to our YouTube channel and also post them on our website.

We posed the following question to our experts as part of our AI Policy Exchange Expert Vlogging Series 1.0: How to put AI ethics into practice? 

This question arose from findings by public policy and ethics researchers claiming that AI ethics principles & guidelines proposed by various public bodies and private groups in their current form likely have a negligible effect on the safe development, deployment, and use of artificially intelligent technologies.

Watch our fourteenth vlog as part of the AI Policy Exchange Expert Vlogging Series 1.0 made by Anthony Rhem below.

Anthony joined AI Policy Exchange as a technical/policy expert earlier last month. Anthony is an Information Systems professional with more than 30 years of experience. He is a published author and educator, presenting the application and theory of Software Engineering Methodologies, Knowledge Management, and Artificial Intelligence. Anthony also sits on the Founding Editorial Board of Springer Nature’s AI and Ethics Journal.

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