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As we stand on the cusp of yet another technological revolution in the form of ground breaking AI, we are constantly stalked by questions as to whether and how to govern these technologies in the future. The sheer complexity of AI technologies defies any simple attempt at articulating a clear set of policy issues underpinning the adoption and use of AI. Even in circles of “woke” policy analysts, informed discussions as to what AI policy should look like in the future have not gained much traction. However, it mustn’t imply that we should therefore just sit back and relax. AI technologies are growing too rapidly for us to underestimate the transformative impact that they are set to have on our lives. We cannot shy away from opening the Pandora’s box of AI policy and governance anymore.

AI policy and governance is posing many hard and pertinent questions to AI developers, policy researchers, lawyers, economists, sociologists, psychologists, ethicists, and many others, including all the tech conscious Samaritans of the world, who wish to put their points of view on the policy agenda that will govern AI in the future. AI Policy Exchange is open to publishing all of them. If you wish to write for AI Policy Exchange, please read our guidelines for authors below before sending us your article at editor@aipolicyexchange.org with the email subject line: Article for Publication

Guidelines for Authors Your article must be your original and unpublished work. The length of your article should ideally range between 750 to 1500 words. You should provide adequate referencing or evidence for your claims in your article. Co-authorship is allowed. Please understand that AI Policy Exchange is published for both technical and general readers, and hence, we urge you to keep the content of your article as jargon-free as possible.

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